Fulvic Acid

Fulvic Acid Liquid Fertilizer

Fulvic Acid Liquid Fertilizer
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This kind of Fulvic acid Liquid fertilizer is used together with other inorganic fertilizers (such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc.) to fix nitrogen, dissolve phosphorus, and release potassium, so as to promote the conversion of effective ingredients and be absorbed and utilized by crops as soon as possible, and improve the utilization rate of various effective ingredients above 80%. in addition, the Fulvic acid is a high molecular weight organic compound with a small molecular weight of humic acid. 

The Fulvic acid Liquid fertilizer contains a variety of reactive functional groups, soluble in water, acids, alkalis, ethanol and acetone, easily absorbed by plants, and has strong biological activity in agriculture, and is widely used in production. It not only supplies sufficient nutrients to cotton, but also regulates the physiological functions of cotton to enhance cotton's resistance to stress. The Fulvic acid Liquid fertilizer can be used as a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator, and it has an important role in promoting plant growth, especially controlling the openness of crop leaf stomata, reducing transpiration and combating drought.


AppearanceBrown yellow powder
Size100-120 mesh 
Fulvic acid 80% min. 
Ammonium N 6% min. 
pH value 5-6
Moisture 5% max. 
Water solubility 100% 

 fulvic acid 80% fertilizer.png

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