Fulvic Acid

Fulvic Acid For Farmland

Fulvic Acid For Farmland
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Product Details

Product Description 

The Fulvic acid for farmland suppliers is a substance extracted from humus. It has a low molecular weight and is brownish-black or tan in appearance. It is soluble in acid, alkali, ethanol and water. It is a kind of complex substance with similar molecular structure and behavioral characteristics. In addition, it contains a large number of phenolic hydroxyl groups, carbonyl groups and other groups, and thus can interact with oxides, metal ions and organic substances including toxic and harmful substances, thereby affecting the environmental chemical behavior of these substances, including chemical degradation of organic matter, photolysis, biological absorption, migration and evaporation. The Fulvic acid for farmland suppliers can be used in environmental protection, water treatment, soil protection and other fields. 


AppearanceBrown yellow powder
Size100 mesh
Fulvic acid65%min. 
Potassium (as K2O)10%min. 
pH value4-6
Water insoluble substances1%max

Product efficacy:

The Fulvic acid for farmland suppliers can be used for fertilizer, water flush fertilizer, trace fertilizer, organic fertilizer, drought-resistant agent.

After use of this product, generally, crops increase yield by 8-15%, and vegetables, melons and fruit by around 20%. 



Package & Delivery:

Package: In 20kg net plastic coated paper bag lining inside.

Delivery Date: Within 15 days after receiving the buyer’s payment.


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