Headline News:Sunmatte Technology Has Achieved CERES Organic Certification

  CERES offers inspection and certification services in the area of organic farming,accredited/registered to certify according to the following standards: Regulation (EC) 834/07,NOPJAS Organic,GLOBALG.A.P.UTZ CERTIFIED,C.A.F.E. Practices,and TESCO Nurture.



  After a series of strict and complicated work,our products finally obtained the certification of CERES in Organic Agriculture,which means our product and factory reached the international advanced standards.

  At present, Sunmatte Organic Agrochemical products (series humic acid organic liquid fertilizers, 

potassium humate, Bio-chemical fulvic acid, etc.) and SunmatTec series Bio-Organic Fertilizers have been successfully exported to Australia, Malaysia, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, India, Pakistan,

and Portugal etc, more than 20 countries and regions.


  Sunmatte will be dedicated to the Organic farming and high quality agricultural sustainable development with our customers all over the World.