Seastar- SUNMATTE Seaweed Extract Fertilizer

Seaweed fertilizer, is seaweed that is collected and used as an organic fertilizer. In terms of soil structure, seaweed does not add a great deal of bulk, but its jelly like alginate content helps to bind soil crumbs together, and it contains all soil nutrients (0.3% N, 0.1% P, 1.0% K, plus a full range of trace elements) and amino acids

100% Water Soluble Seaweed Extract Flakes High Quality Plant root development and growth stimulant

Sunmatte Seaweed Extract is made of fresh seaweed (alga), such as Ascophyllum nodosum, Sargassum, etc, which are natural, non-toxic, harmless and non-polluting, and rich in minor elements and natural growth hormones. It is a designated fertilizer for organic farming.