Potassium Humate

100% Water Soluble High quality Potassium Humate powder Soil Conditioner

100% Water Soluble High quality Potassium Humate powder Soil Conditioner
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Product Details

Product Description 

This kind of Potassium humate 90% is a high-efficiency organic potassium fertilizer, in which humic acid is a biologically active preparation and can increase soil available potassium content, reduce potassium loss and fixation, as well as increase potassium absorption and utilization of crops. Its appearance is black granules or powdery solids. It is a product obtained by finely selecting lignite and then extracting with KOH liquid. In addition, it is soluble in water, and contains active groups such as carboxyl groups and phenolic hydroxyl groups. What’s more, the Potassium humate 90% can be made into a highly efficient multi-functional compound fertilizer when mixed with urea, phosphate fertilizer, potassium fertilizer, trace elements, etc. Besides, it can also be used as a treatment agent for petroleum drilling fluids, mainly to prevent collapse of the well wall. 


AppearanceBlcak-brown podwer / granule
SizeGranule: 0.2-1mm/ 2-5mm; Powder: 80mesh
Organic Matter90%min
Humic Acid (dry basis)80%min
Potassium (as K2O)10%min
Water Solubility97%min
pH value8-10

Product efficacy:

The product can stimulate plant growth, increase yield and improve quality of plant.

It can be dissolved in water easily.

It can increase the fertility of soil and adjust soil structure, enhance the utilization of other nutrient fertilizers.

The Potassium humate 90% can increase permeability of plant membranes, easily adsorbed by plant owing to its molecular weight.

The product can promote the crop resistance to drought and diseases. 

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